Talks and presentations

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Digital Democracy in the Age of Big Data

November 12, 2017

Conference proceedings talk, ECREA Symposium. Södertorns Högskola, Stockholm, Sweden

Paper: “Networked Publics on Twitter. The case for the TTIP”

AOIR General Conference

October 17, 2017

Colloquium, Association of Internet Researchers AOIR, Tartu, Estonia

Paper: “How to measure Networked Publics? Twitter data”

ECPR General Conference

September 07, 2017

Conference proceedings talk, European Consortium for Political Research, Oslo, Norway

Paper: “European Twitter networks. Where are they? A transnational European Public Sphere”

Conference United We Stand

June 25, 2012

Conference proceedings talk, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

Paper: “Who blogs what? A qualitative study of the role of the EUblogosphere”